Fresh Milk Delivered to Your Door Weekly!

It's available to the lucky residents of Tillamook County and Lincoln City, thanks to Bennett Family Farm. Here we are living in an area where the cows outnumber the people, and our grocery store milk comes from where? And how long has it been in transport? And how many miles has it traveled? NOW … you can have milk from local cows delivered within 24 hours of bottling/pasteurization right at your door. Chocolate milk also available; and farm-fresh eggs, too. Watch for more dairy products soon …

BFF Whole Milk Products

Our all-natural milk is available in regular and delicious chocolate and can be delivered to your door!

Misty Meadow Farm Fresh Eggs

Our delicious eggs arrive at your door with that right-from-the-nest freshness and flavor.

BFF Milk Available in Local Stores!

Now available in over two dozen locations from Tillamook to Timberline Lodge!