BFF Products

productsGot Milk? From your backyard? With Bennett Family Farm milk, from cows right here in Tillamook County, you get the freshest milk in the land.

For better flavor and health benefits our milk is whole, rapid-pastuerized but not homogenized. Our all-natural milk is available in regular and delicious chocolate and is delivered conveniently to  your door step.

Milk comes to you in reusable half gallon glass bottles. First time customers will be charged a $1.00 per container deposit.

Misty Meadow Farm Fresh Eggs. The hens roam freely in our pastures and thus have a varied diet and a stress-free life. They produce delicious fresh eggs! We clean them gently and they arrive at your door as close to right-from-the-nest as possible.

Half gallon whole milk
$3.00  marker20
Half gallon chocolate milk
One dozen eggs

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